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Website design


the process

Amanda wanted a very clean and minimal aesthetic for her website and branding, whilst still having a personal touch. We decided on using a simple colour palette of black, shades of grey on a white background and brought in personality by using a script font for headings and the logo. As Amanda didn't have too much experience with web design, the simple layout was created to be easily maintained and to not feel overwhelming when uploading new content. 

Allie xx

Amanda Bristow 


kind words from the client

Working with Laura has made every business owner's dream come true! She was wonderful to work with, has such great insight and truly helped shape my business. From making my vision of what I wanted the website to look like, to a hundred different phone calls when I changed my mind on something, she was amazing and able to make all the changes. 


Laura helped me understand the ins and outs of having my own website. As a new business owner, it can be very challenging to navigate websites like Shopify, Wix, etc. Laura broke down all the different steps for me which allowed me to revise the website throughout the year on my own. Adding different widgets into my website has allowed my business to grow and develop new leads from them. Laura has great advice as far as what to add that can drive more traffic to your site and overall has enhanced my business drastically! 

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